Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summertime Musings

Summer is half over…or we have half left depending on how you view the glass. Yep, June, July and August is all we get in The Northern Bear so let’s take a recap on what has happened thus far and what lies ahead.

Summer Blockbusters

This has been the worst summer for movies in recent memory; from the unwatchable (Sex in the City / Jonah Hex) to the underwhelming (Prince of Persia / Robin Hood / A-Team). The only two decent flics so far are Iron Man 2 and Get Him to the Greek. However, not a single movie has fully captured us yet so here’s hoping Leo’s Inception does the trick or else I’m stuck with my “The Hangover” DVD!


I’ve heard about some sort of an oil problem in the Gulf. Ok so it’s dominated the news…and it’s just depressing. Is it just me or does anyone else thinks Obama should have immediately set BP aside and told the Admirals and Generals of his multi-trillion dollar military “I don’t care what it takes. Procure any and all resources necessary. I want this geyser of oil stopped. Now!” Give BP the bill after it’s over. Instead were left to watch inept corporate bumbling.

One gets the feeling after Afghanistan, Iraq, New Orleans/Katrina, Wall Street, Bank Bailouts and Unemployment that the USA just doesn’t know what the fuck it is doing anymore.


Twenty leaders pow-wowed in our back yard to continue to decide the fate of the world and came up with seven useless resolutions. How useless you ask? Here is one of those resolutions:

3. We agree: Members will at least halve their deficits by 2013 and stabilize government debt-to-GDP ratios, or put them on a downward path by 2016.

Now does everyone see the joke? They “agree” to drastically reduce debt in three years OR reduce it a smidgen in six years. Six years is of course past most of these leaders’ tenure AND leaves the high minded declaration for the three years totally negated. Nice work morons.

Kick Ball

Here is my opportunity to upset all you football/soccer fans. Spain won the World Cup and managed to “score” 8 goals in 7 games. That is 1.14 goals per game for the World Champions. In the last 4 games (and they won all 4) they scored 1.0 goal per game en route to their “victory”.

Spanish transplants globally showed nation pride for this auspicious achievement with little plastic car flags and horn blowing. Whatever.


LeBron signed with Miami and the Cleveland Cavaliers owner publicly attacks King James’ character. Listen here turkey. LeBron fulfilled his contract. He even out-performed. If he wants to go somewhere else it is his prerogative. He’s not a slave asshole.

Political Correctiveness

Helen Thomas, a member of the White House press core for 5 decades and an honorary doctorate 30 times over was forced to resign after she said Israelis “should get the hell out of Palestine. Remember these people are occupied and it’s their land”.

I have no dog in the Israeli/Palestine fight nor do I necessarily agree with her. Having said that are you not allowed to voice an opinion now? Is this that much different then saying America needs to get out of the Middle East? And aren’t we a stronger society if we have open dialogue on contentious issues? Forget silly anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim name calling, isn’t there something of value to discuss there? After all people are dying as a consequence.


May was a peach but June was a deluge. Rain rain rain. So far July has been a sweltering mess. What happened to a regular ol’ 24 and sunny day? I have high hopes for the next month and a half and on that note: Get out there and enjoy the next few weeks!

Think of all the things you wanted to do in the winter when we had frozen-bound cabin fever…and get out there and make a memory! Last chance for the summer of 2010.